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Experience the raw power and dynamism of "Dynamic Gallop," my original painting featuring a galloping horse in striking shades of black and white against a deep black background. This special artwork is elevated with vibrant splashes of color erupting from the horse's mane and tail.

Picture the scene: the horse charging forward, a symbol of strength and freedom, with splashes of color trailing behind like a vivid comet. "Dynamic Gallop" is not just a painting; it's a captivating portrayal of the energy and movement inherent in the spirit of a galloping horse.

This artwork invites you to feel the exhilaration of the gallop and the explosion of color that follows. Hang "Dynamic Gallop" in your space, and let its powerful presence become a focal point, infusing your surroundings with the spirited energy of the open field. It's a celebration of motion and vitality that will resonate with anyone who appreciates the beauty of a horse in full gallop.

My original work of art, an original work is unique, yours, and only yours; there are no more!

The white canvas comes to me in the studio and on it I throw all the feelings, emotions and what is going on deep inside me.

Enjoy a piece that is part of my heart.


40/28 inches .

100/70 centimeters . 

Shipping :

Estimated shipping time 14-21 business days, depends on the location.


An original work is unique, yours, and only yours; there are no more! The white canvas comes to me in the studio and on it I throw all the feelings, emotions and what is going on deep inside me. Enjoy a piece that is part of my heart.

On the front side The painting comes with a certificate of originality signed by Albert Levi.

Ordering a Personalized Original Painting – It's as Easy as Can Be!

In the category of original paintings, you can enjoy browsing through sold artworks, but there's also a special option: ordering a personalized original painting. As an artist, I invite you to explore and be inspired by the showcased artwork, then take the opportunity to order a painting that perfectly suits your unique space.

This option allows you to commission a painting in the size you desire, even if the original artwork has already been sold. Since I specialize in hand-painted acrylic on canvas, you can specify the size, style, and even add personal details. I can create a new, customized artwork for you, maintaining the same care and focus as with every original painting.

Seize the opportunity to order a painting that fits your vision perfectly. With a handcrafted touch, each artwork is a testament to my dedication to producing original pieces.

Enjoy the personal and special experience of ordering your own – bring your vision to life and add a personal touch to your space!

My private phone number to order an original custom painting via WhatsApp - +972 53 331 8837

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