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Harmony Wing

Harmony Wing

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A ready-to-hang canvas arrives at your door stretched over a wooden inner frame, prepared to be hung on your wall. All you need to do is open the packaging and place the painting on the wall. Printed on premium quality canvas with a very high resolution.

Rolled canvas is a good option if you want to frame your painting separately. My canvas comes to you rolled up safely in a tube. All you need to do is take it to a local framing store for them to stretch it for you. Printed on premium quality canvas with a very high resolution

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"Harmony Wings" is a testament to the delicate balance of opposites, a butterfly poised on the edge between light and dark. This captivating painting features a vibrant and intricate butterfly, its wings painted in a symphony of colors, gracefully suspended against a canvas divided into half black and half white.

The contrasting background symbolizes the duality of life—the yin and yang, the balance between shadows and light. The butterfly, a symbol of transformation and beauty, dances on this delicate boundary, reminding us that true harmony emerges from the interplay of opposing forces.

As the butterfly gracefully flutters between the realms of black and white, it carries a profound message of finding balance and embracing both the shadows and the light. "Harmony Wings" encourages us to appreciate the beauty in contrasts, to navigate life's complexities with grace, and to discover the exquisite harmony that arises when opposites coexist.

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