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9" × 7.5"

- 4 mm thick Neoprene

- Non-Slip

- Full print

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Hop into a world of tranquility with our Zen Frog Harmony Mousepad – where a black and white frog drawing meets a special background in soothing blue and green tones. Imagine a canvas that's not just a mousepad but a serene oasis, ready to turn your workspace into a calming retreat.

And it's not just about the aesthetic charm. This mousepad ensures your mouse moves with zen-like precision, making every click a leap towards productivity.

Ready to add a touch of serenity to your desk? The Zen Frog Harmony Mousepad is here to infuse your workspace with calm vibes. Let the frog's wisdom guide your clicks, turning your desk into a canvas of tranquility. Upgrade your mousepad game and let the zen harmony unfold.

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