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9" × 7.5"

- 4 mm thick Neoprene

- Non-Slip

- Full print

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Say hello to the Blue Bliss Tree of Happiness Mousepad – where tranquility meets technology in a symphony of blue hues. Imagine the iconic Tree of Happiness, adorned in shades of blue that are nothing short of extraordinary. This mousepad is not just an accessory; it's a serene journey for your mouse.

But it's not all about the visuals. This mousepad ensures your mouse dances across the surface with seamless ease, making your daily clicks a breeze.

Ready to level up your workspace? The Blue Bliss Tree of Happiness Mousepad is here to bring a touch of calm to your clicks. Let the soothing blue tones guide you through your tasks and turn your desk into a haven of happiness. Upgrade your mousepad game and let the bliss begin.

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