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9" × 7.5"

- 4 mm thick Neoprene

- Non-Slip

- Full print

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  • Get ready for the Vibrant Roar Lion Mousepad – where the wild meets a burst of color. Imagine a lion, roaring with a splash of vibrant hues that bring the jungle to your fingertips. This mousepad isn't just bold; it's a roar of creativity right under your mouse.

    But wait, there's more! This mousepad is your ticket to smooth glides and precise clicks, turning your daily grind into a vibrant adventure.

    Bored with the same old desk scene? The Vibrant Roar Lion Mousepad is here to shake things up. Let the lion's roar be your daily inspiration, turning your workspace into a canvas of bold hues. Upgrade your mousepad game and let the vibrant roar guide your every click.

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