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Hard life, good life

Hard life, good life

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A ready-to-hang canvas simplifies the process for you.

The fabric arrives pre-stretched over an inner frame, saving you time and effort.

Just unwrap it carefully, find the perfect spot on your wall, make a small hole, and voilà!

Your stunning new artwork is elegantly displayed.

With top-tier printing quality, it captures the essence of the original piece flawlessly.

When you choose a rolled canvas, it means your artwork is printed on canvas fabric but hasn't been stretched over its inner frame yet.

Typically available for larger sizes, this option ensures safe delivery by securely rolling the canvas in a tube.

Upon arrival, all you need to do is take it to a framing store. They'll expertly stretch it for you, preparing it to grace your chosen spot on your wall.

Free expedited shipping right to your door!

Orders are processed and shipped within 2-5 days and will arrive at your location between 5-10 days from the moment the shipment is dispatched.

Please include your email and phone number for safe and fast delivery .


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of color and expression with "Hard life, good life" This stunning canvas print showcases a woman's face in a burst of vivid and lively tones, brought to life with the dynamic knife technique and acrylic paints.

Her short, bold hair and the playful splashes of color make this artwork truly stand out. Each stroke of the knife technique adds depth and texture to the portrait, creating a unique visual experience. This piece is a celebration of individuality and self-expression, a powerful reminder that beauty comes in many forms and shades.

"Hard life, good life" is more than just a painting; it's a testament to the diverse and colorful nature of humanity. Hang it in your living space, and let it be a daily inspiration to embrace your uniqueness and express yourself with confidence. This piece is perfect for those who appreciate the vibrant tapestry of life and the beauty of self-discovery.

Hello, I'm Albert. Every painting you see here, I created from the depths of my heart. I believe that when you connect with a piece of art, it has the power to change the energy and atmosphere in your home.

That's what drives me to create, to produce works filled with positive energy, vibrant colors, and great passion.

I'm thrilled and excited that you're here, sharing in my journey in the world of art and supporting it.

Thank you. I'm available for any questions or advice you may need.

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